Mountain Bike Trail Info
Ability Level Trail Name Map # Description
Skills Progression Park This is a great place to learn new skills and brush up on old ones. Lots of wooden features including skinnies and bridges. Check out the new location beside Parking Lot #1 at the base of the resort!
Ben’s Big Rig 17 A machine built trail with a nice wide track. This trail will teach you to ride fall away turns and berms and is a fun way to get to Eville or Honey Bee.
Boom Trail 3 From the top of the Elk Chair, ride along smooth wide track to the top of the Haulback T-bar. From there connect with other easier trails such as Cedar, View or do some pedaling around the Gorbie loop!
Cedar Trail 4 Reach this trail by the Boom Trail and enjoy a nice cruise down a wide track with only a few narrow sections all the way to the base. Use it to access View, Far Out, Eville, and Honey Bee. A great connector!
Deer Trail 6 A great warm up run from the top of the Elk chair. Traverses on a smooth dirt road past the Deer chair, and follows a single track to the base. The single track does have quite a few roots and some tight spots.
Duff Dynasty 41 A gently descending, wide, smooth trail full of twists, turns, rolls, and bridges through shady cedar forest. A great trail for families and kids of all ages.
Eville 37 A wide machine packed trail with good sight lines and small berms. A great way to get off the roads and into the forest without feeling like you’re on a narrow single track.
Gorbie Loop 12 Gorbie Loop is a wide double track trail that takes you into Cedar bowl. Expect a short climb to reconnect with the view trail when you reach the T-Bar. Or you can leave the resort area and get into Mount Fernie Provincial Park.
Hobbits Trail 16 From the bottom of the Boomerang Chair, this smooth, secluded dirt road will lead you down hill back to the resort.
Honey Bee 18 One of our most popular trails received a major grooming for summer 2010! A smooth trail with small berms and some wide bridges through the wet sections. A favorite for sure!
Silk & Manchuria 1 & 2 Part of our winter cross-country ski trail system, approximately 10km of smooth double track with gentle grades. Great for beginner riders.
View 5 Starts in a wide single track off of the Cedar trail, with one steep section and comes out onto a dirt road that leads to the Hobbits Trail.

Mountain Bike Trail Info
Ability Level Trail Name Map # Description
Black Forest 13 A narrow section of single track through dense trees with a steep exit for a more exiting way to connect to View Trail.
Cripple Creek 36 Single track through old cedars along a gully/stream with some skinnies. A fun option instead of lower Bike Thief.
Double Creek & Double Creek Extension 15 & 15A A cross-country single-track trail, starts at the back of Parking Lot 3 and loops around back to the resort. Great for all levels.
Ewok 38 Wooden structure runs for two thirds and smooth dirt for the rest. A two-foot wide wooden ?sidewalk? from 6? to 24? off the ground allows you to gain confidence. A great place to raise your comfort level on wood ladders.
Far Out 25 Starting just past the entrance to Honey Bee, Far Out is a great bit of meandering single track that goes out to the Boomerang Chair and then returns to the base via Hobbits trail. There are several uphill sections to remind you how to pedal!
Hollow Tree 22 Hollow Tree is accessed via the Deer Trail and goes all the way to the base area. It’s a nice single track with some tricky bits through mature forest. Good for intermediate riders as it makes you pay attention but is not too steep.
Holo Bike (formerly Holo Hike) 23 Due to major erosion concerns, the trail crew has redesigned the entrance to this trail and given it a HUGE face lift. It no longer merges with Phat Larry’s and stands as an independent trail that has more ?flow? and also takes you via a new route back to the Elk Chair!
Hornet 26 Breaking off from Playground, Hornet heads into the trees for some technical single track with some interesting advanced ramps and log rides. It exits onto Cedar Trail and leads into Phat Larry’s or Honey Bee.
Monorail 20 A short playful trail that snakes through the lower forest. Leads you to the Dual Slalom track or the lift.
Mr. Berms 34 Descends the Elk run with a smooth trail and medium sized berms for a 1000 vertical foot descent. Joins with Monorail.
Power Carve 7 This popular trail is a top to bottom single track with some tight steep section and some technical spots.
Top Gun 33 With a redesigned entrance, this fan favorite is sure to please! High-speed berms and rollers make this trail a thrill to ride!

Mountain Bike Trail Info
Ability Level Trail Name Map # Description
Bicycle Thief 27 Originally built as a hiking trail from the top of the Timber Chair, this trail has been stolen as one of the favorite biking trails off the Timber Chair. Technical, steep, and fun for advanced riders. Access Bicycle Thief from the corner on the Megasaurus.
Phat Larry?s 21 Steep with advanced stunts and log rides. Shares the same feel as Playground.
Playground 9 Even big kids like to play! This popular trail has technical single track with various stunts and logs to ride. Connect it with Phat Larry’s for a top to bottom fun time.
Alternate Flight Pattern 24 Follow Deer Trail past Hollow Tree and dive into this challenging trail with stunts and rooty sections.
Rumplestumpskin 30 New in 2008 this quickly became a fan favorite! Top to bottom on the Timber side, this wide trail provides a less aggressive option to get down. Using a network of old trails with a large new section, you will be able to follow a unique path all the way to base. Look out for a few steep sections!
Megasaurus 31 From the Timber Chair, this traversing trail starts at the Lost Boys Café and ends up at the top of the Elk Chair. At times rocky, others smooth, it is a true scenic tour of the resort that still requires focus. The trail is mostly wide with a few up hill sections.
Rubber Ducky 19 A compact trail full of options with some wood features, leading you back to the base area.
Trac II 8 Access via Mr. Berms, ?old school? technical single track with some technical stunts.
Aggravated Assault 14 Lots of skinnies and ladders make this one a favorite!
Bin Logdin 35 Machine built trail, high speed with berms, wall rides and rollers in the trees.
Canada Cup Downhill 32 Rooty sections and small drops. The trail winds in and out of tree areas, interspersed with high speed open sections. This is an advanced trail that challenges skilled riders.
Kodiak Karnage 11 A narrow down ramp leads to steeps and drops. A committing trail for experts only!
TNT Upper & 40 Steep and technical, rocky and smooth, this trail has it all! A top to bottom from the Timber chair with a new entrance to get off the road faster. This trail is very popular.
TNT Lower